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What is Pilotix?

The project aims to create a game, named Pilotix, using the Java3D programming language.

While we are still programming the game, this website will be of no use to players, but could be interesting to coders who are studying the Java3D language. All files on this website have been created by us, and are accessible with this directory or the CVS access (see below).

Off course, when the game will be playable, we will develop this website to make it suit the players' needs and expectations.

Below are screenshots taken on the 16th of august 2005 :

Capture d'écran du 2005/08/11 Capture d'écran du 2005/08/13 Capture d'écran du 2005/08/13 Capture d'écran du 2005/08/13


The game is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, more often referred to as GNU GPL. For more information, here are useful links :


You can view the latest Pilotix version on the CVS server.

To download this version, you can use the following commands :

  1. cvs login
  2. cvs co Pilotix

To update your local directory at a later stage, use the command "cvs update".

Compiling the project with Apache Ant

Compiling the project is easy with the build.xml file and [Apache.Org] Apache Ant.

The goal of Ant is quite similar to the "make" command-line utility : the comparison stops here, because Ant is intented to be used with Java projects and is easier to use. Once the file "build.xml" is copied in the project root directory, just type "ant dist" to compile all the files contained in the "src/" directory towards the "class/" directory. Then Ant will create three Jar archives in the directory "dist/". A simple "ant server" will execute the "org.pilotix.server.PilotixServer" class, which is (surprise!) the Pilotix server. Then, in another window, "ant client" will execute the "org.pilotix.client.PilotixClient" class, which is (will you believe it?) the Pilotix client.

The ZIP archive of Ant 1.7.1 (2008-06-27) is at :


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